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Our specialty:

  • consultation of clients regarding choosing of company form, management structure etc.;
  • establishing of companies of different legal forms, their subsidiaries, affiliates, daughter companies, etc.;
  • preparation of the company establishment documents (bylaws, regulations) and of internal documents (regulations of work, internal rules, instructions);
  • representation in disputes among the shareholders and the shareholders and the company;
  • consultations on the labor law, preparation of additional and collective agreements with employees (regarding confidentiality, non-competition, etc.), duty instructions, provisions, etc.
  • consultations regarding formation, increasing and decreasing of authorized capital of the company;
  • consultations regarding reorganization (mergers, divisions, unbundlings) and transformation of company, preparation of the reorganization conditions and providing of services related therewith;
  • consultations regarding bankruptcy and liquidation of companies;
  • other legal services retaled to company and corporate law.

Lithuania is one of the European Union countries with one of the highest economical growth during the last five years. Before joining the European Union (2004), Lithuania had the highest economic growth rate amongst all candidate and member countries, reaching 8.8% in the third quarter. In 2004 — 7.3%; 2005 — 7.6%; 2006 — 7.4%; 2007 — 8.8%, 2008 Q1 — 7.0% growth in GDP reflects the impressive economic development. One of the reasons of such good development – liberal tax system with one of the lowest tax rates amongst the European Union countries and the easiness in establishment of business.

In recent years establishment of companies drastically increased. The reason for this was ability to register companies in Lithuania and in doing so to get a permission to live and do business in Lithuanian Republic (i.e. in the European Union). Contrary to the non-EU citizens who have companies in Lithuania regular visitors face additional hardship: it is harder for them to get visas, their visiting term is limited, it is harder for them to visit other European Union countries.

Our lawyers have experience in establishing companies for non-European Union persons. In case if you would like to know requirements for establishing a company in Lithuania and in other European Union countries, want to know additional benefits or have any other questions or requests – please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you!