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Fair competition is one of the main powers that increases economical growth of a state. Fair competition is one of the biggest valuables in the European Union, which legal acts and provisions regarding fair competition are directly applicable in the member states. Also, the great deal of the European Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance are devoted to solving competition issues.

 The most often infringement of the fair competition that we face is the attempt to take advantage of someone’s good name, trademark, design, copyrights and other prior rights. Some acts of the unfair competition are done intentionally wishing to obtain commercial gains without incurring high expenditures (for instance using well known trademark of another person). Some acts of unfair competition are done because of the lack of knowledge about other person’s prior rights (for instance, not everyone knows where to check prior trademark registrations).  Doing nothing about the unfair competition may diminish reputation of one’s name, trademark, etc. and may lead to loosing of exclusive prior rights and money.

There are many different ways how to treat unfair competition from amicable solution to litigation in the courts. Tell us your problem and we will advice how to stop the unfair competition and by what means. Have the information – rule the situation!

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