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News on competition

The Competition Council rules on misleading advertisement

Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania on June 23, 2010 adopted decision regarding alleged misleading advertisement of company “TAMRO VAISTINE”. The mentioned company used following phrase in their advertisement: “In the “Family pharmacy” on weekends everything is 15% cheaper”.

The Council in it’s decision recognized that the consumers could understand the statement that everything in the mentioned pharmacies on Saturdays and Sundays was cheaper by 15 % without any reservations, however the council’s investigation showed that the discount wasn’t applied for all goods in the pharmacies.

Taking into account above, the Council agreed that advertisement of company “TAMRO VAISTINE” was misleading and violating article 5 of the Law on Advertisement of the Republic of Lithuania. Therefore “TAMRO VAISTINE” was fined by 5000 Litas (approximately 1450 EUR).

Source: LR Konkurencijos taryba